The Metal team has issued it’s first ever developer update. They have been busy fixing bugs and adding new features to the alpha wallet which is scheduled to release at the end of September!

Exciting New Features In The Metal Alpha Wallet

One of those new features added is an import function for MyEtherWallet (MEW). Support for the Trezor hardware wallet is also added. And more hardware support (like Ledger) is under way later down the road. You can read the changelog of bug fixes and added features here.

Here’s a screenshot of the new options and the revised “Add wallet” screen:


New Members Announced To The Metal Team

Kenan Pulak and Ephraim Russo will be developing the Metal iOS application alongside  Sid Parihar (Ex-Apple UX design).

Brock Nordstrom has been welcomed to the team as a graphics designer, he has done some fabulous work in the past for Apple.

You can read the full Dev Update #1 here.