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Sneak Peek Preview Of Crumbs

The Metal team announced their first acquisition: Crumbs, a crypto-investing platform that allows users to set aside spare change from daily purchases and use it to create their very own digital assets portfolio, alongside general crypto purchasing and selling. Crumbs will be rebranded to match the Metal themes and UI and become a part of Metal’s ecosystem of apps that comprise the entire crypto experience with a one-click login across the platform. The plan is to co-launch Crumbs and Metal Pay around the same time over the summer. We got our hands on the Crumbs private beta and are...

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Metal Pay Alpha: Hands-On Review

Back in 2016, Metal founders Marshall Hayner and Glenn Marien came up with an ambitious vision and plan to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Fast forward to today, and that vision is coming to fruition in the form of the Metal Pay app. Needless to say, as an early investor and believer in the project, I couldn’t have been more excited to finally test drive Metal Pay and experience firsthand how that vision is being executed. In this Metal Pay alpha hands-on review for iOS, I’ll be giving an overview of all the available features, post in-app pictures, videos...

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Metal Pay CEO Answered Your Questions In AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Marshall Hayner, the CEO of Metal answered popular community questions you wanted to know about Metal, the cryptocurrency, the company and it’s vision. The questions got submitted on the official Metal Reddit, make sure to check it out and get involved. We compiled the list of questions with timestamps below the video. What led you to starting up Metal? Can you tell us how a typical day at the Metal office looks like? (01:24) What roles are you planning to fill as the Metal Team expands?  (02:25) Will you consider releasing a roadmap? (02:46) Can you describe how Metalpay makes money...

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Linking Your Bank Account On Metal Pay Sneak Peek

The Metal team released a video to showcase how easy the onboarding process and linking your bank account will be on their upcoming flagship product: Metal Pay. From within the Metal Pay app, you’ll be able to link your retail bank account and/or credit card, similar to PayPal and Coinbase, to fund your Cash balance in Metal Pay. These banking features will only be available to US residents when Metal Pay launches, but don’t worry, banking features for Europe and UK will follow shortly after the launch as Metal aims to enable banking features globally. Below are the video...

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Features You Can Expect When Metal Pay Launches

The Metal team has teased us these past weeks with a developer update and demo videos (see bottom of the article) about their upcoming flagship product: Metal Pay. In this article we’ll summarize some of the features that we discovered will ship with V1 of Metal Pay. These updates revealed that a lot of progress has been made and indicate that the development of the app seems to be on schedule for a Q1 2018 release on iOS, with Android to follow later. Metal Pay Features That The Demo Videos Revealed 1. From within the Metal Pay app, you’ll be...

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