This quick guide will help you setting up your Metal Vault account inside the Metal Vault application.

Go to the official Metal vault website

First, click here to open the signup page at the official Metal Vault application. Fill in your email address and choose a password. Make sure it contains lower case and upper case letters, at least one number and one symbol, or your password will be detected as to weak. Like this:  *Metalpaynews21

Then, once you’ve looked over the terms of service, tick the “I accept the terms of service” checkbox, click on the captcha, and finally, hit the “create account” button.

The next step is to download your keycard. Read the disclaimer in the red box and tick its checkbox to confirm you understand that you may lose your funds if you lose the keycard. Then press the “continue” button. A pop-up window will appear that will ask if you want to save the PDF file (depending on your settings the file might open in its own window).

You should save the file securely, preferably to an offline storage device. You might also want to print a copy or two, and keep these in safe places; a copy in a backup location could be very valuable in case of fire!

The keycard will allow you to recover you account and funds if you ever lose or forget your personal password. So be careful you don’t lose it, and that you control who has access to it. If another party has your keycard, they can take your funds.

The keycard can also be downloaded again later from the Wallet interface via SETTINGS / EXPORT KEYCARD.

Congratulations, your Metal Vault account has now been created! You’ll just need to verify your email address by opening the mail you’re about to receive from, and clicking on the link in the message.

Welcome to the Metal Vault Dashboard

Simply log in with your email and password to access the Metal Vault dashboard.

This concludes the “How to Create your Metal Vault account” tutorial.