The Metal team has teased us these past weeks with a developer update and demo videos (see bottom of the article) about their upcoming flagship product: Metal Pay. In this article we’ll summarize some of the features that we discovered will ship with V1 of Metal Pay.

These updates revealed that a lot of progress has been made and indicate that the development of the app seems to be on schedule for a Q1 2018 release on iOS, with Android to follow later.

Metal Pay Features That The Demo Videos Revealed

1. From within the Metal Pay app, you’ll be able to link your retail bank account and/or credit card, similar to PayPal and Coinbase, to fund your Cash balance in Metal Pay.

2. Sign in with your Facebook account.

3. Unlock the Metal Pay app through face recognition with Apple Face ID for extra security.

4. Earn MTL through PoPP by inviting friends.

5. A video FAQ section that will help you to get started and familiarize with the app.

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to link your retail bank account and/or credit card.

The whole process is easy, intuitive and seems to only take a minute, or 2 to complete.

These banking features will only be available to US residents when Metal Pay launches, but don’t worry, banking features for Europe and UK will follow shortly after the launch as Metal aims to enable banking features globally.

Watch the complete onboarding process that links your bank account on Metal Pay here.

When Metal Pay launches, you’ll be able to transfer your MTL from Metal Vault (or any other wallet that contains your MTL) to the Metal Pay app.

You’ll be able to add funds to your bank account by converting MTL to Cash, or by loading Cash through your linked credit card(s) or retail bank account(s).

Converting Cash to MTL will be a feature that will be available in a later update of Metal Pay.

Peer-to-peer transactions, or sending and receiving (Ask & Pay) MTL or Cash are the main features of the initial Metal Pay launch.

The PoPP  demo video of Metal Pay (see below) revealed that PoPP is active and functioning.

PoPP Is Metal’s revolutionary crypto distribution model that rewards users for participating on the platform in MTL.

The dev chatter video revealed that you can make payments offline, it will appear on the app as a completed transaction. The app will put it in the cache and sync the payments the moment you have an internet connection.

The release of the new overhauled website is expected to go live shortly before the release of the Metal Pay app.

Control Metal Pay Through Voice Commands With Siri

Making crypto payments through voice commands seemed somewhat like a distant, almost futuristic crypto feature, since the overall user experience in crypto still leaves a lot to be desired, untill now!

Click on the video to see Metal Pay being controlled by voice commands with Siri.

Get push notifications from Metal Pay on your iPhone & Apple Watch

Getting notified instantly when you received a payment on your Iphone and Apple Watch is a handy feature Metal Pay will offer.

After you installed the Metal Pay app on your iPhone, you’ll be able to send push notifications to your iPhone & Apple Watch.

To what extent Metal Pay will interact with Apple Watch, or if there will be an Apple Watch app in the future, is not clear yet.

But with the features seen so far, it becomes clearer everyday that Metal is a Next Gen crypto ready for mass adoption.


Metal Pay Demo Video Compilation:

Metal Pay Demo Video:

Metal Pay PoPP Demo Video:

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Metal Pay Controlled By Voice:

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