Today, I received an invitation mail to participate in testing Metal’s alpha wallet. Slots are currently full but I predict that it should go public in about two weeks, when the testing concludes and bugs (if any) are ironed out. Note: you can enlarge any image by clicking on it.

After clicking the invitation link, I was taken to this beautiful sign up page:

The only thing left to do now was verifying my email address. Tension is building.

What’s inside the Metalpay’s alpha wallet?

Enter the gorgeous UI of the wallet.  Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets dressed up like credit cards. Nice touch, I like it. Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

A Deeper Look Inside the Ethereum wallet

You can send and receive both Ethereum and many ERC-20 tokens from within your Ethereum wallet, including Metal of course. Missing ERC-20 tokens are likely to be added in future updates.

More ERC-20 tokens:

Sending funds from within the Ethereum wallet:

Receiving funds from within the Ethereum wallet:

Inside the wallet settings page, you can change the name of the wallet, export the keycard (allows you to recover your wallet) and freeze the wallet. Freezing a wallet will lock all funds in it until the timer has finished.

I didn’t have the time myself yet to do any transactions, but other testers didn’t report any issue. Jason from Alphabit even bought a plane ticket through the Metal app.

Everything runs smooth on mobile as well:

This is how the Bitcoin wallet looks like

The Bitcoin wallet has the same features as the Ether wallet, minus storing ERC-20 tokens.

Settings and security page

Here you can change your password and enable two factor authentication with either Authy or Google Authenticator. More features are likely to be added later.

Need help? No problem!

Simply click on the help button, it will take you to the Metalpay’s support page, wich has a FAQ. You can also click on the support button inside the app’s right bottom corner and ask your questions there. They will gladly help and assist you as soon as possible.

Verdict on Metalpay’s alpha wallet

Looks like I can finally ditch myetherwallet. The Metalpay wallet looks prettier and is more user friendly then MEW. Good riddance.

The alpha build gives a first glimpse of what’s under the hood of the upcoming public beta, a robust, fast and clean engine. The beta will allow you to buy crypto with depositing fiat by linking your bank account, directly from within the app. There will be no more need for a middleman like Coinbase. Merchant accounts will have the ability to invoice in fiat and crypto. The beta UI will look different and will be designed by Sid Parihar (ex Apple UX design).

Stay tuned for more Metalpay’s public alpha and beta updates.