This guide will walk you trough adding custom tokens to the Metal Vault application. If you don’t have a Metal Vault account yet, follow this guide to create one.

Important: you can only add ERC-20 tokens! You can’t just add every coin that’s listed on coinmarketcap. Most of the compatible ERC-20 tokens are listed on etherscan.

Choose a wallet to which you want to add a custom token to

Log in to the Metal Vault app, and go to the “Wallets” page; then click on an Ethereum wallet you want to add custom tokens to. Next, click on the TOKENS tab on the menu. Then click on the add tokens button (the “+” icon beside “Tokens”). You’ll be taken to the “Add Token” popup page within Metal Vault. In this example, we’ll use the KyberNetwork (KNC) token.

On this page you need to enter all the required data from the token. Keep this browser tab open for now, we’ll come back to it in a minute.

Find All The Custom Token Data Info On Etherscan

Head over to etherscan. Select the token you want to add to your wallet. On the token page you’ll find all the required info you need.

Name: KyberNetwork -> this is the name of the token
Code: KNC -> this is the ticker of the token
Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0xdd974d5c2e2928dea5f71b9825b8b646686bd200
Fee: You can search trough transactions on to see what the common fee is, or use 75000 as the fee, it’ll work in most cases.

Next, add all the required data to the “Add Token” popup page in Metal Vault and click on the “OK” button to add the token.

You Succesfully added a custom token to Metal Vault

Congratulations! You have successfully added a custom token to your wallet. You can now send and receive your tokens to the accompanying wallet address. And the token amount will show up when you visit the token page of the Ethereum wallet you choose to add tokens to.

This concludes the “How to add custom tokens in Metal Vault” tutorial.