This guide will walk you trough setting up your Bitcoin wallet for the first time inside the Metal Vault application. If you don’t have a Metal Vault account yet, follow this guide to create one.

When you enter the Metal Vault for the first time, you’ll notice that you have two preconfigured wallets: “My Ethereum wallet” and “My Metal wallet”. You’ll have to add the Bitcoin wallet yourself.

add your bitcoin wallet manually in Metal Vault

Log in to the Metal Vault app, and go to the “Wallets” page; then click on the add wallet button (the “+” icon beside “Wallet”). You’ll be taken to the “Create wallet” page within your Metal Vault.

Step 1 asks “Which currency would you like to use?” Select “Bitcoin”.

Step 2 asks “What kind of wallet do you want to create?” Select “Multisig”.

In Step 3, enter a name for the Bitcoin wallet and confirm your password for Metal Vault. It is good practice to give it a descriptive name, to avoid uncertainty if you want to create multiple wallets in the future. Then click on the “Create Wallet” button.

Your Bitcoin wallet has been created

Congratulations, you now successfully added your Bitcoin wallet. This wallet is now accessible from your Metal Vault dashboard.

This concludes the “How to Create your Bitcoin Wallet in Metal Vault” tutorial.