Back in 2016, Metal founders Marshall Hayner and Glenn Marien came up with an ambitious vision and plan to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Fast forward to today, and that vision is coming to fruition in the form of the Metal Pay app.

Needless to say, as an early investor and believer in the project, I couldn’t have been more excited to finally test drive Metal Pay and experience firsthand how that vision is being executed.

In this Metal Pay alpha hands-on review for iOS, I’ll be giving an overview of all the available features, post in-app pictures, videos and share my thoughts.

What Is Metal Pay?

Metal Pay is Metal’s flagship product scheduled to be launched exclusively first for iPhone devices running iOS 10.0 or newer.

Metal Pay is a mobile payments platform that allows users to send and receive Cash and Metal with nothing more than a phone number.

Metal Pay is built with these key factors in mind: excellent user experience, high quality, gorgeous design, and of course Pop.

Metal is the native currency with MTL as it’s official ticker.

Check out the Metal Pay website and sign up to be notified the moment Metal Pay launches.

Loading Metal Pay For The First Time

After I followed the instructions from the invite mail I received, I was able to download and install Metal Pay alpha successfully. The Metal Pay icon became visible on my phone and was ready to be clicked.

I waited briefly, as it was a tense moment, from the excitement and joy you feel when you’re about to open up that present you’ve been eagerly awaiting for months.

It was in this moment that I realized that the app is getting very close to being released to the public and that things are about to get real for Metal. Very real.

Ok, let’s smash that Metal Pay icon and get started!

Going Through The Identification Process in Metal Pay

After Metal Pay loaded, I was prompted to create a Metal Pay account. The complete identification process only took me 2 minutes.

That included linking my traditional bank account, verifying my information and choosing my profile picture etc.

After that, I was able to start sending payments, receiving payments, and most importantly – collecting some pop!

You can see for yourself as I recorded the entire process, just check the video below.

Zero Fees For Instant Payments In Metal Pay

Over the past week, I made a ton of transactions back and forth with various people in Metal Pay. All payments happened instantly and my Cash and Metal balances were adjusted accordingly on the spot.

Sending and receiving money is very fun, as you can come up with creative ways to request money to your friends and use a whole bunch of emojis to spice things up.

Transactions are easily recognizable in the payment history through colors and a + and – sign. Cash payments coming in are colored green. Cash payments going out are colored red. Metal payments coming in or going out are colored yellow but are distinguishable by the + and – sign.

Transactions with real money will also be instant. That’s because transactions in Metal Pay will happen off-chain and not on the Ethereum blockchain. This approach will allow for more transactions per second then the state of current day blockchain can handle.

It is very refreshing that there are no fees for doing peer-to-peer transactions (both Cash and Metal), and I think this is a game-changer for Metal Pay. You also don’t have to worry about needing Ether to cover gas for making payments, which could otherwise cost a few bucks in transaction fees and take a few hours to process when the blockchain is congested.

But once again, you don’t need to take my word for it. I’ve recorded a video clip where I made constant transactions back & forth. Watch and see for yourself how fast and seamless doing payments is in Metal Pay.

Collecting Pop In Metal Pay

When you swipe to the right in Metal Pay, you enter the discover page, where you can collect your pop by tapping on the blob. The pop animation is lit and looks like asteroids hitting your bank account as a fellow tester put it nicely.

When you send or receive money, you earn a little reward in Metal for every dollar you spend. This reward mechanism is called “pop” and is part of Metal’s revolutionary distribution model otherwise known as Proof-of-Processed Payments or simply PoPP.

You’re probably wondering how exactly you can earn some pop. Let’s get to it.

Scenarios That Trigger Pop In Metal Pay

A user sends Cash to another user with Metal Pay.

A user receives Cash from another user with Metal Pay.

A user converts Cash to Metal using Metal Pay (future update).

Turn Metal into Cash in Metal Pay

Converting Metal to cash is a seamless operation.

Simply enter the amount you want to convert into cash, press the “Turn Metal To Cash” button and you’re done.

Cashing Out To Your Bank in Metal Pay

Once you’ve earned some pop, you can cash out at any time by sending it to your bank.

Simply enter the amount you want to convert into cash, press the “Send Cash To Bank” button and you’re done.

Invite Your Friends And Family to Metal Pay

Inviting your friends to Metal Pay will earn you some extra Metal. By clicking on the “Invite to Metal Pay” button, you can easily send invites to your contacts. You can create a more personalized invite message by editing the premade message. Once invited, they will appear in your contacts list.

Metal Pay works and looks familiar to the payment apps everyone knows and uses, but with crypto sprinkled in. But don’t let the cryptocurrency part scare you. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge of cryptocurrency or take a 3-week crypto crash course for dummies to get started or understand what you’re using. You just need to send and receive payments like you normally do. This is a big advantage over all other crypto projects.

Apple Specific Features In Metal Pay

Apple Face ID recognition for payment authorization and log-in works flawlessly.

Alternatively, the fingerprint scanner also works if you don’t have an iPhone with Apple Face ID.

This is a very welcome feature as it adds another layer of security beyond 2FA.

Apple Siri and Apple Watch functionality are also working out of the box.

Conclusion Of The Metal Pay Alpha Test Drive

Development of Metal Pay started about 6 months ago, so I’m very impressed by what the Metal team has accomplished in such a very short time. Going through the identification process, sending and receiving payments, and collecting that delicious pop is a smooth, fun, and intuitive experience.

I didn’t encounter any bugs, freezes or hiccups during my testing, which is promising since development is moving forward with beta on mainnet due up next.

Metal Pay was also very well received by other alpha testers. The iOS devs are present in the test chat and listen to suggestions and feedback and make adjustments and improvements if needed. So thumbs up to the devs for doing an amazing job. Being an early tester has been an amazing experience!

So I’m very excited for what the future holds for Metal and Metal Pay and can see it become very popular among millennials and spread like wildfire, due to the fun and gamified (more details on that will be revealed later) experience Metal Pay brings to the table, while everyone earns some Metal by just using it, unlike the Venmo’s or Paypal’s.

I recently wrote the article “Metal is a next-gen crypto ready for mass adoption”, and having now tested Metal Pay thoroughly I can confirm that it’s truly ready for mass adoption.

Wanna Take Metal Pay Alpha For A Spin?

Invites to test drive Metal Pay alpha were issued to the first batch of Metal community members, investors, and influencers (70 people so far) this week. The Metal team will continue to send out invitations to participate in the Metal Pay alpha to members of the community at random.

So make sure you’re following Metal on TwitterFacebookRedditInstagram and the community chats, Discord and Telegram to have a chance to take Metal Pay for a spin, as you never know where these invites may pop up 🙂

When Will Metal Pay Launch In My Country?

Metal Pay will roll out gradually in the US first on a state per state basis. Based on licensing time frames, the Metal team thinks they can begin to bring the first batch of states online over the summer and continue with the rest in the following months. The Metal team is simultaneously working to launch Metal Pay in other select foreign markets.

Sign up for email updates on the gorgeous new website to get notified the moment that Metal Pay launches in a specific state or country. Or follow Metal on social media to stay updated.