Marshall Hayner, the CEO of Metal answered popular community questions you wanted to know about Metal, the cryptocurrency, the company and it’s vision. The questions got submitted on the official Metal Reddit, make sure to check it out and get involved. We compiled the list of questions with timestamps below the video.

What led you to starting up Metal?

Can you tell us how a typical day at the Metal office looks like? (01:24)

What roles are you planning to fill as the Metal Team expands?  (02:25)

Will you consider releasing a roadmap? (02:46)

Can you describe how Metalpay makes money with their platform? (03:43)

What happened at the Necker Cup? (04:49)

Can you give an answer as to when marketing and PR will start? (05:59)

How long after making a transaction does it take to receive PoPP? (06:24)

Why would I invest money in a coin that’s going to compound in volume growth? (06:50)

How do you envision the business model once you scale enough for maximum token to be reached and users no longer receive rewards?  (07:05)

Metal has a net distribution worth of 10%. Isn’t that too high and are you worried about people taking advantage of it? (07:56)