This guide will walk you trough the process of removing wallets you don’t use in the Metal Vault application. If you don’t have a Metal Vault account yet, follow this guide to create one.

To keep your Metal Vault dashboard tidy, you can opt to delete wallets you don’t use. Careful, you’re entering the danger zone! If you delete a wallet that has funds in it, those funds will be lost forever.

If you have any funds on the wallet you want to delete, you should first transfer the funds to another wallet that you’ll keep. (It’s at this point you’ll be glad you gave your wallets distinctive names when you created them.)

Once you’re certain the wallet you want to delete is empty, click to highlight it, then go to SETTINGS and click on the “remove this wallet” button. Poof, it’s gone.

This concludes the “How to remove wallets you don’t use inside Metal Vault” tutorial.