Later this year you’ll be able to purchase Metal tokens directly from within the Metal app with fiat deposited from your bank account. Until that feature is available, you’re able to buy Metal from various exchanges. An exhange is a place where you can trade cryptocurrency’s you allready own for Metal. Never done such a thing? We’ll guide you trough the simple process.

In the first section we’ll cover how to buy your first crypto, we recommend you to buy Bitcoin, since it’s the most common and easiest to trade with. Allready own some?  Skip this part.

Buy your first Bitcoins and get an instant 10$ bonus

If you purchase for 100$ or more over at Coinbase, the world’s most trusted digital asset exchange company, you will receive a 10$ bonus on top of your purchase. And we receive 10$ as well for referring you. We higly recommend this company to all new crypto enthousiasts, since it’s the easiest and safest way for newbies. Untill you can do the same from within Metal, that is.

Below is a Youtube video tutorial on how to buy crypto on Coinbase in case you need guidance.

Buy Metal (MTL) On Binance

First you need to register and get verified, wich is fast in most cases, unlike other exchanges. You can then proceed with buying Metal (MTL) on the Bitcoin pair.

Below is a Youtube video tutorial on how to buy crypto on Binance in case you need guidance.

Changelly Is An Easy Way To Buy Metal With Visa Or Mastercard

Changelly is by far the easiest way to buy Metal (or other cryptocurrency’s) with Visa or Mastercard if you don’t want to deal with buying crypto on exchanges. Trading other cryptos you already own for Metal is also possible on the Changelly platform.

Another Easy Way To Buy Or Trade Metal Is Trough Shapeshift

Shapeshift is a hassle free solution to trade cryptocurrency’s you allready own for Metal and by far, the easiest! No registration, ID verification needed. Simply fill in your Metal wallet adress, your refund adress, the deposit amount and press the start transaction button.